Jake Brown moment: “Stay at the Beach Road Hotel”
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Jake Brown moment: “Stay at the Beach Road Hotel”

Moment: Pro-skater/X-games gold medalist Jake Brown tells us to stay at the Beach Road Hotel
Destination: Beach Road Hotel, Bondi Beach
Inspiration: And then there were 2….blondes. Janae Twisselman and I found each other in Australia by chance and now cannot escape one another. Provoking one another to extend the travel and create moments, she has become my partner in crime.
Actualization: Janae knows just about every Xgamer/skater/surfer athlete in Australia. We ended up finding Jake because she heard his laugh outside a bar as we were wondering by. Next thing you know I’m watching a youtube video of Jake falling 65 feet onto a hardwood skate ramp, hitting so hard his shoes pop off his feet.

“So he’s done skating then, right?” I said.
Janae laughs, “Ang, he just won another gold medal!”
Jake invited us to have drinks at the Beach Road Hotel and that’s exactly what we did and then rented a cheap room for a few nights. They gave us an even cheaper rate when we said we came because little Jake Brown sent us. It’s no resort and there’s no Lyn, but it worked for us to have our beach moments in Sydney.
Realization: Nothing to do with this story, but Australians are hard to understand.
1)  They mumble
2) They are drunk 90% of the time
3) They don’t really care about words….

But you know what at the end of the day they always still love you. That one’s for Moose.

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