Mom Banicki Moment
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Mom Banicki Moment

There is a Catholic church (Virgin of St Rosary) in Mykonos.  You can find it for a peaceful reflection time. Thank God for your chance to see this beautiful world!
Love mom

You both really should do a greece trip to islands. People in greece are like in italy. So nice and its unreal here! the energy is like nothing I’ve ever felt. In Antiparos I ran, walked around, met people, and then slept for 9 hrs….and u know I can never sleep. Dad, Tom Hanks comes here every aug!


After missing Mom and Dad Banicki’s DC trip, I decided I should do Mom Banicki’s suggestion and visit the only Catholic Church in Mykonos located right on the water. It’s actually a Mom moment because Elle’s mom Sonia said that the one thing I had to do was go down by the Virgin of St. Rosary and watch the sunset:)

Mykonos lies 95 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus. It has only about 10000 inhabitants. During the warm months thousands of tourists spend their holidays on the island.

For the spiritual benefit of the thousands of Catholic tourists and the few Catholic inhabitants of the island, there is in Mykonos only one Catholic Church which is situated in Alefcandra Square near the picturesque windmills of Mykonos. It is worth mentioning that in the visitors book of the church, for 1997, 12156 visitors wrote their names.

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