Max Cooke moment: “I want a moment. How do I get one?”
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Max Cooke moment: “I want a moment. How do I get one?”


Destination: Lorne part 1

Inspiration: Max Cookes with an ‘S’ introduces me to Steph Brown and her wine (Browns Brothers).

Actualization: Max is a character. Pure genius. He’s walks like a little boy, and cant talk without smiling. He’s the guy who always has an opinion and always wants it heard. Janae didn’t even touch on the character that was Max and I’m sure I wont either, but if you can find a way spend a car ride with Max, you’ve got to do it. We got to do it with his friend Steph who drove us for my Lil Jon moment in Lorne.

Much like Max, Steph is the girl who always has a smile on her face. Steph’s is pretty and sweet, not mischievious like Max’s. She proves the theory. What’s the saying…it’s scientific. If you put a smile on your face it’s 50 perecent more likely for you to feel happy. Something like that. Steph makes me think that saying is true because she seems to lead a very happy life. Steph brought back memories from my Italy trip and Gary Vaynerchuk moment when I met Andreas on his Chianti vineyard. Steph’s family has a wine business and everyone of her cousins who said they’d never go work there have all slowly started changing careers and going back to work the famliy business. All when nearing age 30! Saturn Return 🙂
I liked Steph best when she came in the room Saturday morning and said, “who wants to go on a bushwalk?”
Runyan fans, Lorne has a better version just up from the beach. More malibu-hike style. AND I saw koala bears and heard a BLACK PANTHER or PUMA….or we are pretty sure that’s what it was….. They say it’s part of human nature to establish routine. One of mine is hiking and I prefer doing it with someone who makes great conversation. Steph told me stories about the Bogans in Australia, her cousin who starred in a reality show, “Farmer Wants a Wife”, and a class in school that forces you to survive the wilderness SOLO for two days when you’re 14. That’s crazy but kinda rad, right?

Realization: When you meet new people you like, and they ask you to come on a road trip, take it. If you ask for a moment, you’ll get one…..Max 🙂

Your moment:
Gary Vaynerchuk
Brown Brothers Wine
Saturn Return


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