Best of the Rest: Part 2 mate!
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Best of the Rest: Part 2 mate!

Destination: Australia All Over

Inspiration: Secret Actor texted me (he’s hot and a legend as the Aussies say!): Have someone go down under

Actualization: So this is my Best of the Rest part 2 for those of you who go down under to Australia!

UP IN THE AIR Director, Jason Reitman: Enjoy Australia. The zoo in Sydney is beautiful and if they’re playing right now, you owe it to yourself to check out an Aussie rules football game.

Dexter’s Julie Benz: Go to the Great Barrier Reef… You have to see it!!! And the Sydney zoo is a lot of fun:) and there is a great flea market in Sydney on the weekends with lots of cool stuff…. And go to an outdoor movie!!

Jesse Lutz and Cameron Diaz: Culture: Moonlight Cinema is amazing if the weather is great, google it and you can see whats on. Its amazing watching old films under the stars overlooking the harbour

Actor/Producer Jake Hoffman: I’ve never been, but my brother went and went bungee jumping! I dare you!!!!!!!!

Desperate Housewive’s Sharon Lawrence: Here ya go. Have some one teach you to play the diggery do and make sure to video the lesson. That’s so Aussie and something you should only try under professional supervision. We brought a magnificent one home from our Fijian/Sydney honeymoon and cant play it at all!

H&S Grey Gooser, Danielle Lew: Drink VB (short for Victoria Bitter – it’s the local beer that’s made in the state)

Comedian Jon Lovitz: I’ve never been there but I hear Perth is beautiful!!!

Musician Jaron Lowenstein: Find something so beautiful either externally or discovered within that makes you cry. I don’t have tangible suggestions because those don’t mean anything to me except that they can be conduits to emotion. Find something beautiful about yourself that you didn’t know before. And tell me what it is. Have a wonderful inspired trip.J

Publicist Liz Keen: Eat a “pie” at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels – Sydney

Actor, Robert Ri’Chard: Go to the Whitsundays if possible on a 2-3day sailboat tour. U’ll get hit on by the 26yr old Firstmates during the night. They’ll take you to the most photographed beach in the world. Prettiest beach on the planet. Make sure you go topless (it’s what all the Sports Illustrated Supermodels do) It’s quite liberating. Port Douglas: Take the Quiksilver II Boat Tour to Great Barrier and see an amazing underwater experience

Jeff Probst: Find a local to teach you how to play the didgeridoo then buy one and ship it home.  They’re great fun to have around the house and definitely a conversation piece and they are indigenous to Australia.

I actually took Probst’s advice partially and had the most amazing experience learning about the didgeridoo and the history of the aboriginals in Australia. (I didn’t ship it home!) You can see for yourself here –

Kathy Najimy: You are spectacular!  Happy Birthday doll and have a splendid time in Australia!! We love Melbourne- where are you staying?  There is a theatre/performing arts festival there you will love!
oxoxo Kathy Ann

Realization: I still am dreaming of my time in Australia and cannot wait to go back!

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  1. when your back in australia check out the royal national park. its just south of sydney and has the combined beauty of the beach and the bush, its amazing! check out this website, its an ecofriendly tour company that runs day trips to the national park, i went on on of their tours the other week and it was great, one of the best days. goodluck with future travels!!

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