Stephen Rich moment: “Take the seaplane back to Sydney!”
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Stephen Rich moment: “Take the seaplane back to Sydney!”


Destination: Seaplane Palm Beach to Rose Bay

Inspiration: Stephen Rich says take the seaplane back to Sydney after our 24 hours on Robin William’s favorite beach; PALM BEACH

Actualization: Stephen mentioned the seaplane at our first meeting for breakfast the day before back when we were a bit weary of this very excited about Sydney / new friend / Stephen. However, after our time in Palm, we were up for whatever he threw at us. And I mean really, who doesn’t want to get on a plane that takes off and lands in the water? One of the stories I cannot lend justice to is the process by which guys become members of the Wrt Surf Club. Stephen’s crazy tales of testing for this baffled me. We talked about the Reums ( where Stephen actually is spending his time now ladies. Stephen is playing LA as we continue around OZ. Go find him girls.

Stephen was brilliant because this was 100% a memorable Aussie moment. Next thing you know Janae and I are walking down the harbor, luggage in hand, ready to take off for Sydney. Stephen’s Dad walked us down and told us stories about living in Palm Beach, celebrating his daughter’s engagement, and randomly the discovery that he and Janae may have crossed paths in the past…either through his clothing line or her family’s hotel. I’m now dying to see the caveman suite at the Madonna Inn!

Janae and I were sad and hesitant as we said goodbye to father and son. Our 24 hours felt like 2 weeks at Palm Camp….but kinda like in the NEVERENDING STORY, we climbed onto our flying dog / seaplane for the next adventure. As the seaplane made its way to the middle of the water and we fiddled with our headphones and took pictures outside the boat stalling for the moment…the engines revved and we were off. The seaplane trip was exhilarating and the most breathtaking way to take in the coast of Australia. Good one Stephen.

Realization: Go for a ride in the sky anytime you can. Get amongst it and I reckon you can see what’s going on down under or maybe just your next destination.

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