Day ena – Athens Maria Menounos says “stay at King George”
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Day ena – Athens Maria Menounos says “stay at King George”

Sorry King George but I crossed paths with a Saint.  Here was my view at breakfast this morning…

St. George Lycabettus hotel
2, Kleomenous st., 106 75, Athens, Greece
Tel. 0030-210-7290711
Fax. 0030-210-7247610 or +7290439, E-mail:

Debbie Mazur –  “Walked (in Aug), to the Acropolis.WOW(check,i think it may be under construction this year,and scafolded… cant go wrong with Greece..wonderful people..”

Acropolis was the best way to kickoff my adventure. Here are some cool photos.

Amy Elmer – “Buy lots of sandals in the Plaka.”

Definition: plaka –
The plaka or plateia is the village square. This usually holds a taverna or cafenion or two, the local civic authority, and an area of trees, often with taverna tables arranged around them.  On summer evenings it is usually “the” place to be, and many voltas, or evening walks, end up in the town square.

This was genius since I only had an old pair of blue havaianas I got for free out of some giftbag….and I only truly appreciate the flea market when I have a purpose!

5pm it’s happy hour and I’m boarding my flight to Santorini…..

Note – 2 things everyone told me that rang true: 1 day in Athens is all you need and the people in Greece are extraordinarily nice! Although one more night for King George would have been nice!

Walked all the way up...
Alternate route/spelling

Yup construction!

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  2. LOVE that you were in GREECE!! Your life sounds so fabulous! I wish you the best of luck in all your adventures!
    Miss you…xoxox,

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