Luke Donald Moment
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Luke Donald Moment

Started the day by waking myself up from a dream that had me historically laughing…I was standing outside some random neighborhood and….all of a sudden I heard boom boom and then saw it!-Ludacris was riding his elephant into his gated house with this song booming-“when I move you move just like that.”

How do I even come up with this stuff?
I decided I needed a happy place…
Luke Donald “Hey Ang, Go to Santorini – it’s where I got married – go to Ammoudi, and eat at Kira Katina’s for lunch. After lunch go swim in the sea and jump off the rock just around the corner from the restaurant. Amazing water. Have fun
Luke x”

My Greek waiter brought me dessert wine and said he wanted me to come back again later or tonight or tomorrow. So far Greek men aren’t my type so I guess ill go ride an Ass.(Ali Puliti rec!)

Right hand corner is katinas...
Me trying to get some Ass outside Katinas....
Luke donald moment
Wine with lunch to calm the jitters after almost crashing my smart car.