Ashlee Margolis Part Ena
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Ashlee Margolis Part Ena

Angie, you must meet up with my friend Elle! Not sure if you will be in the same part of Greece that she is, but she’s amazing! Elle, my friend Angie is a TON OF FUN! I hope you guys can connect while there!  oxox ~Ashlee

Ashlee couldn’t have connected me with a better match! Elle and I were nonstop chatterbox the minute we met…and I haven’t left her since!  I write this sitting at the infinity pool at Elle’s Greek Chateau on the water.I’ve been living My Big Fat Greek Chateau life at Elle’s house which sits akin to her brother Russ’s.  The two siblings host guests all summer creating a Greek Island experience that feels like a myth…from the beach trips-every day a new sandy sétting- to the nightlife-Rock & Roll stripper poles and late night gyros. My favorite part – Elle still runs her business in between beach and bars. She’s mastered the art of balancing epichirisi(business) and hedone(pleasure).

Elle and her cute bro and straight friends took me out to see the gay queen scene of Mykonos. We hit up Jackie O’s and Rock&Roll!

My fav pic of Elle and Russ

Elles Pool

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