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29th Master

#29 goes to the master of acupuncture-DR SOH.

Soooo why Soh?

Now not because Dr. Soh is the best acupuncturist….he could be but I have no one to compare him to..and besides he’s more than just an acupuncture guy.

Dr. Soh is Master of magic; he has the magic touch, magic laugh and magic smile.

He seems to be laughing at you -even points and laughs at times – but instead of feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable you just want to laugh with him.

Maybe the H at the end of Soh stands for Happy. Is it all made up?

He’s “Dr. So So Smiley” to me:)

From what I gather Soh feels where your energy spots are and helps to distribute the energy to heal, get rid of pain and toxins, help with digestion, and promote overall health.

The first time I went to Dr Soh we sat in his office with his translater and he put his fingertips on my wrists and my tummy rumbled.

He def moved some energy there.

I answered the translators questions and Dr. Soh smiled and laughed.

Now when I go in Dr. Soh laughs with the laugh that I interpret to say,

“Oh Angie.  She has crazy energy but always means well.  She will never be calmed unless she controls the fun.”  and I’m happy with that…

So we laugh and walk back to the puncture table.

“How is rachel?”

“What? Nature?” (Dr. Soh usually laughs at me and says I work out too much – I usually come in my hiking shorts!)

“Friend Rachel!”

“Huh? Ohhhh Krupa!”

Now we laugh harder and Dr. Soh is shaking his head because I can see he think Rachel is a crazy one like me.

I lay down and take deep breaths and lay very still waiting for the needles to go in around my neck and spine.  My first trip I swore I’d be paralyzed but Dr Soh just laughs through my whimpers and for some reason it’s calming.

Then for 10 minutes he leaves while the needles do their work and 85 percent of the time I sleep.  I know something goes on because I can never sleep or take naps and the fact that I do with needles in me means something.

I always wake up to Soh laughing while pulling out needles and me checking for drool.

Next he touches the stomache for air bubbles and water moving around. he pokes a spot and it sounds like he dipped his finger in a fishbowl and the water makes that daloop kinda sound.

It’s all kinda fascinating – the innerworkings of the human body.

I’m glad I’ve tried out acupuncture whether it’s for now, a year or forever. It’s worth it for Soh.

So the lesson is: you’ve got to feed the curiosity in the cat….oh wait it’s curiosity killed the cat. 😉


Curiosity killed the cat, but where human beings are concerned, the only thing a healthy curiosity can kill is ignorance.

Harry Lorayne

Dr. Soh – 323.692.0202

Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness.

Bryant H. McGill

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