#8-Inspiring Yoshiki
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#8-Inspiring Yoshiki

Shenae Grimes, Yoshiki, Holly Wiersma

Shenae Grimes: “You’ve got to meet this guy. He’s like the Michael Jackson of Japan. A talented, kind, and amazing person!”

Holly brought Shenae to the Bud Suite at the Laker Game on Friday so we could chat about Shenae’s upcoming benefit to raise money for Japan. Shenae was flown out for a fashion show in Japan when the earthquakes hit and it was then that she met Yoshiki. It’s so amazing to talk to someone and hear firsthand what it was like watching people deal with a natural disaster like that. Shenae described the reaction of the people there as calm and concerned. Concerned for everyone and the country as a whole – in the least selfish way. You could tell she was still affected by the memories. She expressed deep compassion – wanting to do as much as she could to help.

Rock Star Yoshiki Auctions “Crystal Piano” for Japan Relief

After the game, Shenae invited us to meet Yoshiki at the Havana Room in Beverly Hills.
Yoshiki was everything the girls described and more, a character in every bit of the sense.
He sat quietly and when he spoke everyone listened and usually laughed. He was adorable.
To everything Shenae asked him regarding their fundraiser,or probably anything, for that matter – “Sure. Why not?”
“She needs more wine.” A man after my heart. : ) Even though he was the star, he went out of his way to make sure his guests were happy and for me he sensed that meant wine. I looked at him questioning – “Sure, why not?”

When I needed to go to the bathroom, he insisted on walking me all the way down, watching I got down the stairs, and then pointing, “Press this light switch to be let back in.” Ah the Havana room and their side stairways, security doors, and VIP passwords. Ours that night – Yoshiki!

Holly Wiersma, Yoshiki

Jessica mentioned she wanted to learn how to make perfume in France. “Oh, I own one.”
Holly mentioned the name of some producer. “Oh yes, Stan. He’s my business partner on film.”
Never bragging, just statements. We would all die laughing and try to think of things to talk about to see if he “owned or started one.”
Should we go to Roosevelt now? -“Sure. Why not?”
“Why you smile down there? What you read?” At this point I’d been more quiet than my usual self. Taking in the surroundings. Yoshiki seemed to pick up on it.
“Oh, I am just reading cute texts from a boy.”
“Oh, you read for table now. You have to.”
I am laughing, embarrassed, now caught and being forced to share.
What transpired from there is for me and Yoshiki to know and you to never find out…
Support Yoshiki at his fundraiser and read more here.

Angie Banicki, Shenae Grimes, Yoshiki

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    My family and I are at the beach and I have been trying to show them your blog, but I hadn’t saved it before we left home and therefore it took me FOREVER to find it using Yahoo .

    Now that I have found it, the reason why I wanted to show them, is I believe that you and I are competing against each other with our blogs.

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  2. So jealousy of you, I would die of happiness if I met YOSHIKI. For me, he’s the best musician alive, is not “the Michael Jackson of Japan”, he’s YOSHIKI and he’s truly amazing.

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