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Horse in Water
David Porzio: “Ride the horses on the beach.  You’ll get to ride  them into the water.”
I met David Porzio the weekend before St Lucia when I was in the Caribbean on a boat full of 1000 of the most entrepreneurial minds in the world for Summit at Sea. I left that weekend so inspired by everyone I’d met that I knew I had to take something from it with me to St Lucia….
And that is why at 10:30 am with just an hour left in my trip, I got my moment on a horse and dragged along my yeehaw partner in crime, Miss Farmer.
Horses in Water
Miss Farmer tells it like this:
45 minutes before checkout and hungover, Angie convinces me to go horseback riding. #whyiloveangiebanicki
After a short lesson and a few quick tips from our new friend Dennis the Rastafarian Nappy Mon horseback riding instructor, we found ourselves galloping through the Caribbean waters on a horse named Twinkle soaking up every last drop of amazing from our island adventure, aka Camille and Sy’s wedding. We each took turns, but I would be cheating you out of a good story if I didn’t mention the conversation I overheard between Angie and Dennis.
Dennis: “Are you single?”
Angie: “yes.”
Dennis : “I find it hard to believe a woman as beautiful is not dating anyone..”
Angie- no words
Dennis: “Come back any time for a free ride..”
Angie: no words
Embrace the moment. Sometimes no words are the best words.
Horses in Water
Horse in Water

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  1. I always see this as an excursion to do but I never think about doing it; I don’t know why. I’m not a big horse person but I still think this would probably be pretty cool. I’ll have to look into the next time I get the chance.

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