PS You are #25
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PS You are #25

Erica Domesek

PS- I Made This..

Erica is a Master Crafter.

She is brandmaster of PS I MADE THIS…

PS I Made This is a movement.

It’s a call to action to

reimagine, reuse & reinvent.

I see it. I like it. I make it.

Check out her site to read more:

Brett Leve, one of the founders of Summit Series and master of connection, linked the PS and 30:)

Erica was in LA for her PS I MADE THIS book launch when we sat down at the SLS Hotel for a fast 50.

In 50 minutes we shared fashion and travel stories.  Erica has a creative and elaborate mind.  She’s stylish, quirky and entertaining.  I wanted to be more inventive after speaking to Erica.  She makes designing and fashion sound so easy and fun.

Erica has a secret obsession with 30 too!  What started as a joke about paying a friend in full – $30.30 became a fascination with 3030.  She told me she and a friend have been finding photos of 3030 and emailing them back and forth for years.  It’s crazy how that number 30 can jump out atcha:



PS I wrote this:)

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