El salvador noche numero dos
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El salvador noche numero dos

Chelsey and Angie

It all started with: “Yeah Angie get the Tequila Lorena with me!” –Chelsey

“Then can we go swim in the ocean??!!” I begged.
Ten minutes later, after dehydration from sweating our cahonas off at work and having had 2 Lorenas(a drink our friend Lorena created at Casa De Mar-tequila, grapefruit, lemon and soda)…now definitely the most ordered drink at the hotel.
Chelsey and I had already bonded over our similar bubbly yet ballsy personalities, but the Lorena put us at:
Angie, we are soulmates.
“Chelsey, let’s go get a photo with El Salvadorian Fabio! Quick!”
El Salvadorian Fabio, who actually goes by “El Burro”, was a very bronzed and chiseled hard body surfer who ran past our hotel every day. Pedro Peligroso had appointed his name while imitating the swinging long hair and confident pecks.
Chelsea and I were craving a story. We attacked him midrun for a sexytime photo.

“Can we take a picture with you? What’s your nammmme?”

And then, well, that hard body wasn’t so quick to run off.
We were laughing and giggling but secretly just enjoying the attention and the Lorena buzz. Chelsey has a serious and very adorable boyfriend btw.
You come to my bar tonight? You have plans? I bartend at Rocco’s. Come see me.”
“Yes. Yes.”
He grabbed on midtake of photo dos. “You promise?
“Si! Si!”. We giggled and ran to the water.

Twenty minutes later, we saw Fabio basking in the sun just yards away from where we had entered. We took turns watching him and giggling.
Angie, do the sexy walk.
“I don’t know how!”
Like this.” Chelsey walked out of the water with a little sexy strut. Wow, it was good.
“Wait! I need to learn that. Tell me how.” As I fell and then got washed up by a wave.
Are you okay!?
“It’s okay. It came in my mouth but I just spit it right out.”
Yes I said those words in all seriousness…but before I could take it back Chelsey and I burst into loud cackles.
Mates of El Soul-vador
Oh, and it only gets better. The sun was just setting…


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