El Salvador dia tres
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El Salvador dia tres

Group Picture

Me with Kids


Day three in El Salvador, and workday two, is best described by my favorite Latin musician and numero uno girl crush – Shakira. She was a bonding point for me and the kids – her song LOCA was our common language.

I’m not talking about this part…
“Sigo tranquila
Like I’m on a beach in Anguilla
Sippin’ on Corona
Like it’s nothin’ goin’ on”

Oh, we had a lot going on. I was talking about this:
And I’m crazy, but you like it (loca, loca, loca)
You like that it ain’t easy (loca, loca, loca)
I’m crazy but you like it (loca, loca, loca)
Crazy but you like it.

We all arrived with loca energy ready to work and play, and I think it’s fair to say we all are pretty good at doing both.

I’ll let the photos and videos speak for themselves here. –

Josh Bycel, the cofounder of ONEKIDONEWORLD was our leader without leading. I think Josh has created the perfect balance of fun and work in life in general. It’s very admirable.

Having Fun


Having Fun

Group Pic



Me and Carol

Charles performed in between digging.

Charles Goodan

Cort played hide and seek.

Me, Cort, and Kids

Lauren painted, while distracting herself from the fact that her blackberry was stolen – which we thankfully recovered.

Pete was Peligroso.

Pedro and Kids

Pedro Peligroso

Pete Huyck

Martin got the kids to be silly and captured the best moments on film.

Martin and Kids

Martin with Kids

group pic

Chelsey took on the role of wall mural leader.

Chelsey as Mural Leader

Painting Mural


Lorena and Erin inspired me to try and bring back my Spanish skills. I was so jealous as the kids would gather around and they could understand and speak fluently with them. Although it was probably better off I didn’t know – when I did get them to translate it was to go racing in the 90 degree heat or to ask to pick me up again. Yeah – uh, this girl gave my video camera to her friend and walked up to me not intimidated by 5’10 frame. All of her 4’2 grabbed me by the waist and started carrying me around. She’d put me down and grunt in satisfaction and then run to watch the video. It was all a bit She-ra meets Pocohantas. I mean, I just died laughing the first time, but 4 pickup/grunts later I started visualizing THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN.

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