Sundance weekend – Jake Avnet moment
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Sundance weekend – Jake Avnet moment

Park City, Utah

We want some fun in the sundance house. Do you and Krupa want to stay in one of the rooms?
Casa de Avnet
The weekend at Jake’s house in park city is best described with quotes and photos –

AB: “I love writing at this house! It’s inspiring.”
Jon Avnet: “I know. I wrote Fried Green Tomatoes in that corner.”

Who can help me see My Idiot Brother?“-Brett Gursky

Jake Avnet and Brett Gursky

“It’s time to go to town. Who’s ready to Karaoke?”

karaoke with Jake AvnetkaraokeKaraoke

“We can totttallly cook an amazing dinner at home tonight!”

Jake Avnetcooking with Amandacooking at home

“Cut the cheese skinnier. Wait, is that mozzarella in the ‘caprese salad’?”

Hey its not bad. Tastes like pizza.” -Brett after drinking my oregano bloody mary.

Do you guys know how to make cookies?”– Brett Gursky holding the Tollhouse Readymade cookie dough

Cut to the next morning- “Who burnt the cookies…?

“Just Jared ate all the Cinnamon Life!”

“Vodka soda vodka soda is the new black and yellow black and yellow.”

“Spooning the backpack”

backpackbackpack spooningspooning the backpack

“Wait!!!!!!! Where’s Ben Savage? On his way?”

Ever walk into an uncomfortable afterparty? Just go hottubbing with your clothes on!

We broke the taxi.”

Is Rachel gonna makeout with James Franco?”

“Can I wear this out of the house?”
Bears OutfitBears

Jordan: “Uh, what was the disturbing movie you guys had on at 6am?”
Jake: “Honey, I shrunk the kids

Angela Trimbur
Image courtesy of

There are no small part actresses. You are an actress, first time in Sundance with two premieres. No one  has to know you were in the Youtube video played on the movie.

“Angie and Rachel, have you moved from that spot on the couch?
“This is the office.”

“The Sundancer.”

“We put the fun in funicular.”
“I can’t believe I misspelled funicular.”


Oh my God, this is the best breakfast in my whole life! This milk in cereal is changing my life.” -Brett Gursky

Oh my God, snickerdoodle cookie dough. This is the best cookie I’ve had in my whole life.” -Brett Gursky

This is the most fun I’ve had in my whole life!” – Brett Gursky at the Three’s Company party

Cush and Chad MountainThree's Company PartyThree's company party

“Cassian elwes has the best twitter at sundance!!”

Cassian Elwes

“Oh my God the infamous Joooooosssse!”


Angie, you can have a table at Tao, but only if you promise to tame down the Bear fan mania.” – Grace
“Ok ok! I promise! Yay table!”


“Take a picture of me humping.”


“OMG there’s Taylor from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ husband Russell!”

Jake Avnet and Brett Gursky

“You wearing that snowsuit is the best thing to happen to our night.”


Brett had his first ever bowl of cereal with milk the same day Jake had his first bite of Popchips ever.

Jake Avnet tries Popchips.Jake Avnet tries Popchips.

Angie, go get with fatjew and let’s twitter it!”


Michael Rappaport is kind of amazing. I want to meet that guy.” –Conor welch

Sorry, Conor Welch.

Michael Rappaport

“How did we get home last night?”
National Hugging Day
“National kissing day”
“National making out day”
“National peanut butter day”
“It’s Rachel Krupa’s Sundance birthday.”

Rachel KrupaRachel's Birthday

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