Inspiring AJ-#9
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Inspiring AJ-#9

AJ DiPersia & Angie Banicki
My friendship with AJ is best described by the Easter Mom and Dad Banicki visited and I threw a humongo Easter Sunday Funday for them.  I invited every close friend I had in Los Angeles up to our friend Canaan‘s house.
We cooked up a storm, decorated eggs and played Easter with the Banickis.  AJ and his brother Blaise showed up with home cooked meatballs in a crockpot.  They had Mom and Dad Banicki with that hello.
Anyway, the next day Mom and Dad recapped for me all the conversations they had and how impressed they were with the amazing friends I’d made in California.  “You know who our favorites were – Blaise and AJ – the brothers!”
I always remember this because at the time I’d only just met Blaise and had known AJ for just a few months.  Now, years later, he still is a favorite….
So last night Liz and I spontantaneously got tickets to go see GIRL TALK, and  within the first 10 minutes I spotted AJ in VIP.  Come to find out, this was his belated 29th birthday present from Evan, his roommate.  Evan actually went to college with Greg – Girl Talk himself!!
Liz Gemmill & Evan Lesser
Evan Lesser & Angie Banicki
The fun meter went from 90 to off the charts from that point forward. Evan and AJ not only convinced the staff at the Palladium to give Liz and me VIP, but they also got back my previously confiscated flask. Sorry Mom.
I know I can always count on AJ for fun, a good dance, and a night of smiles. : )
Angie Banicki & Liz Gemmill
Girl Talk
Girl Talk
Girl Talk
Girl Talk
Click the link to listen to Girl Talk!

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