Helicopter/Camille Guaty moment
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Helicopter/Camille Guaty moment

Not only was Camille Guaty the reason I was on the island of St Lucia (Camille Guaty became Camille Kaye this weekend), but she also gave us the incredible idea to take a helicopter ride to the airport!
Camille and Sy Rhys Kaye
Angie Banicki, Page Farmer
Rather than squeeze into a sweaty, odd-smelling cab for an hour long ride with a crazy St Lucian driver, who BTW would make sure to keep just inches between the car in front of us, many times with another car just inches behind us – barely making each winding turn on roads still stricken by the last hurricane, we left the island in style…Camille Guaty style. We choppered it outta there.
Ali, Page and I forked over $145 each (the cab was 100 bucks) to take a 15 minute helicopter ride and went 14 miles over and out.  We saw the tallest mountain on the island, the marijuana plantations, and listened to the stories of our pilot who quite possibly had the most extensive and personal knowledge of the island’s “growth” patterns of anyone we’d met…
Watch Page’s video to see and hear a snipit of what we learned:
Waiting on Helicopter
Helicopter Arrives
Angie HelicopterAli Puliti
Page FarmerView from Helicopter
View from HelicopterMarijuana Plantation
Helicopter RidePage Farmer
Airport Across Island
Embrace the Moment: Anytime someone gives you the opportunity to travel out of the ordinary… be it chopper, horse or seaplane, I say find a way and jump on it!
Angie Banicki

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