Audrina Patridge moment: “Hiii…. When I was in sydney we took a cruise around the harbor which is beautiful and also went to bondi beach and had lunch at iceberg which was amazing!!!!”

I haven’t even made the boat yet. I’m sitting here at the airport trying not to cry. I can’t really because everyone’s laughing at me. I’m wearing a santa hat I got at Sluttingham Palace last night. Slutttingham palace was described to me by a 22-year old girl as a place “owned by 3 old guys (um 35) who had parties to get girls.” She also thought I was 24. I’m thinking it was the hat, so I’ll keep it on and be 24.

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Andy Samberg: “Never been. Have the beer?”

Picture the tall, pasty dude from Knotting Hill, the one who runs around in his tighty whities.
The kid then has the audacity to yell: “Are you sure you’re okay? I have a somewhat inappropriate question but…. can I borrow your laptop for my friend?”

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