Audrina Patridge moment: “Hiii…. When I was in sydney we took a cruise around the harbor which is beautiful and also went to bondi beach and had lunch at iceberg which was amazing!!!!”

I haven’t even made the boat yet. I’m sitting here at the airport trying not to cry. I can’t really because everyone’s laughing at me. I’m wearing a santa hat I got at Sluttingham Palace last night. Slutttingham palace was described to me by a 22-year old girl as a place “owned by 3 old guys (um 35) who had parties to get girls.” She also thought I was 24. I’m thinking it was the hat, so I’ll keep it on and be 24.

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Kevin Nealon moment: “I visited Sydney about 18 mos. ago. Take a ride on any ferry in the harbor, get off at the zoo and ride the gondola. Congrats!”

I forgot that the weather from Melbourne always travels to Sydney and so the cool trickles from my Lorne weekend settled on sydney. No surfing for me, but sprinkles and wind were okay when spending time with smelly animals in the weeds of the zoo. Also to offset the somber mood of a cloudy day, being on the water in the ferry made me happy.

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Markus Anderson moment: “7) Feed the cockatoos at dusk in Centennial park (a loaf of bread will do!)”

His number one thing for me to do in Sydney was meet Gilda. Gilda is amazing. Gilda, her best friend, sister and I drank wine, ate pizza, and talked about boys and travel last night. You cant beat that for a Monday night. It was exactly what I needed. The way Gilda talks about family reminds me a lot of how I feel about mine. She’s the oldest like me. She’s crazy fun, works super hard, and cares a lot about her family.

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Kanye West moment: “Definitely eating kangaroo in Sydney…..making Kanye West and i do wind sprints up and down at the opera house stairs.”

Everyone needs a Harley Pasternak to tip them off when they travel. I remember when I was sitting on the bike next to Harley and he told me he was leaving for Australia because Kanye wanted a trainer for a few days. I like when inspiration gives me a kick in the butt.

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Andy Samberg: “Never been. Have the beer?”

Picture the tall, pasty dude from Knotting Hill, the one who runs around in his tighty whities.
The kid then has the audacity to yell: “Are you sure you’re okay? I have a somewhat inappropriate question but…. can I borrow your laptop for my friend?”

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