Markus Anderson moment: “7) Feed the cockatoos at dusk in Centennial park (a loaf of bread will do!)”

His number one thing for me to do in Sydney was meet Gilda. Gilda is amazing. Gilda, her best friend, sister and I drank wine, ate pizza, and talked about boys and travel last night. You cant beat that for a Monday night. It was exactly what I needed. The way Gilda talks about family reminds me a lot of how I feel about mine. She’s the oldest like me. She’s crazy fun, works super hard, and cares a lot about her family.

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Alan Cumming: “I have left three tix for you at the studio box office for friday at 7pm. can’t wait to see you. in byron we are staying with a friend would love to hear your tips on friday come to the dressing room after and have a drinkie love from alan x”

Quoting Alan(in a southern lesbian accent): “If wishes were fishes we’d all take a swim”. I’m on the swim of a lifetime in the most beautiful waters in the world….thank you fairy godmother Alan!

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