Team Oakley Moment: “Are you ready to go racecar driving?”
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Team Oakley Moment: “Are you ready to go racecar driving?”

Inspiration: Team Oakley – “Join us in Napa for our Learn to Ride Audi Sportscar Experience at the Infineon Racetrack!”

I spent an entire day with a fun group of daredevils learning to drive with the racecar pros!

Dax Shepard

Mae Whitman and Dax Shepard

The moment before this moment may be the most telling for me…..

After our classroom chat and a few pep talks I found myself sliding the face sock over my staticy hair, shoving on the helmet – a helmet that later seemed to squeeze in the heat with every burn and turn of tires – and then slowly lowering my body into the seat of the Audi V8. I couldn’t understand the nervous energy taking over. I barely spoke all morning. Makes no sense. I’m a speed driver maniac in my prius. This was supposed to be safe.

I suppose there was good reason that the memories came back post drive. Had I remembered climbing through my driver’s side window upside down after flipping a car that didn’t belong to me my sophomore year – well I wouldn’t have hit that 2.5 mile racecourse for speeding times. I would have only had one vision – my friends crying and screaming as I ran over a mile to the nearest house with blood dripping down my leg and instinct taking over the wheel. It took months to drive again after that and Dax I guess you’re right – I didn’t need the memory to help steer me on this course.

Instead, my nervous energy focused on the words of Pro Tony coming through my walkie talkie and of course Dick Trickle, one of the drivers on my inspiring driver list.
I will trickle this course like a mascot.

And I did…..or well tried my very best!
And it was geekzilerating!


Here’s the  list of drivers my friends thought would inspire the best racecar ride.  I think I was still pretty jerky.  hint – Taryn Owens, passenger(near end of day) – “I think I’m going to throw up.”

James Bannister: Michael Schumacher

Nate Minnis: Ricky Bobby!

Tommy Meyer Klipsch: Dick Trickle! NASCAR Legend!

Anya VardaMario Andretti

Heidi Kelso: Jenson Button

Eric Raine Ernst: Barney Rubble!

Jessica Paster: Dale Earnhardt…oh no he crashed and died…Dale Earnhardt JR!!!! He’s alive and gay!!!!

Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery

Shaun Sipos and Aaron Paul

Mae Whitman and Dax Shepard

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