Carly Segal moment: “Slam the whole cookie into your mouth!”
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Carly Segal moment: “Slam the whole cookie into your mouth!”


Destination: Breakfast across from the Beach Road Supermarket hanging on the sidewalk.

Inspiration: My former intern and friend, Carly Segal

Actualization: I did exactly as Carly explained. It is going to require a supermarket. But you HAVE to try a Tim Tam Slam. Supplies:

  • TimTams (cookies)
  • Milo (hot chocolate)

Make hot chocolate and then bite the ends off of a TimTam. Put one end in the hot chocolate and sip like the cookie is a straw and righhhhhhhhhhhht when it starts to feel squishy, Slam the whole cookie into your mouth! Pure! Chocolate! Amazingness!

Realization: Aussies all love their TimTams, but best to have them in moderation. I gave half of mine away to the old men betting on the racehorses….but not enough of them because I still ended up getting sick later that day.

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