Chelsea Handler moment: “Camille Guaty, “Go see Chelsea’s show when she goes down under!””
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Chelsea Handler moment: “Camille Guaty, “Go see Chelsea’s show when she goes down under!””


Destination: Foxtel Studios N Ryde

Inspiration: Camille Guaty (aka Dimples) sends me to see her friend Chelsea Handler!

Actualization: After finding out that I had surprise backstage meet-and-greet with Pearl Jam that I missed due to flight miscommunications (well we’ll call them that!), I wasn’t about to miss Chelsea and Chuey too! So when I arrived at destination Fox, 25 minutes late and found out I was at the wrong studio, nothing was stopping me from finding a way across town. I ran (yes same day I ran all morning when lost) but this run in my gold flats and brown dress felt exhilariting. Haha. I ran to the main road to find a cab, almost jumped in two full ones. At this point it was 5:40pm and I’d heard I was 30 min away with a showtime of 6pm. I kept asking the cab driver about how long will it take?” He kept getting flustered and explaining to me that they have cameras that take pics of speeders and mail speeding tickets. After I explained 4 times I understood he couldn’t speed but wanted an eta/approx. time, he finally said about 25 minutes. At this point I knew I was missing the beginning of the show and maybe even all of it but gosh darnit I’d make a Chelsea Handler moment out of it.
$54 dollars later and sweat on my brow I made it into Foxtel studio. 4 conversations later and I was in a seat having only missed 1.5 segment. Chelsea looked gorgeous and they joked about the average man in Australia owning only 4 pair of underwear. I love Chelsea and the show and I’m reminded how I wished I watched it more.
Next segment was the moment all my girls and gays were already asking about: hottie Ryan Kwanten. Now before I get into the Kwanten of things, let me explain something about me. I worked talent relations, but anyone who really knows me knows that I never read the mags.

I loved my job at H&S in entertainment and worked very hard, but I just couldn’t read those blogs, US weekly, etc as my source of info. I prefered to actually get to know people and be astounded if I saw them dating or be informed by my friends. If my friend had a celeb crush and chose to fill me in then I would live it through them (aka. Liz Gemmill / Rob Pattinson or Alana Kleiman / Leo).
Anyway, at one point I met the ever-so charming Rob pattinson at Azitas bday dinner and she was dying for a picture. It must have been the fact that I was there sans present or maybe the wine from Sunday Funday, but I approached his dinner table, asked which one was Rob and then said, “Huge favor. It’s my friend’s bday. Will you just come take a quick pic?” He nods. “Oh wait, didn’t I send you the new blackberry last week, I did, didn’t I?” He nods. “Ok great. Come take the pic.”

So I had a similar Ryan Kwanten moment.

As Chelsea’s star guest walked out onto the stage. I accidentally said aloud “you’ve got to be kidding me. ha”. The hot boy walking onto the stage was the cute boy carrying his luggage in as I was sitting at the front desk. Sorry ladies but I kind of love it this way. I thought Ryan Kwanten had blond hair and was a muscle boy. This dark haired guy had glasses and a bit of nerd to him. Much hotter to me though by the way.
The rest of the show was very entertaining and Chelsea sort of jocked Ryan a bit. I was thoroughly entertained and ended up chatting with Chuey a bit after the show. Camille, the guys behind the scenes even said, “ahhh you lived with Dimples.”
Thanks Camille and Chelsea!

Realization: Always remember use what you’ve got to make your way into any situation. Many times a flash of the dimples does the trick 🙂


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