Jack McBrayer moment: “Keep mental notes on your favorite things to do so you can tell McBrayer what to do whenever he finally travels there…”
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Jack McBrayer moment: “Keep mental notes on your favorite things to do so you can tell McBrayer what to do whenever he finally travels there…”

Jack I went mentally insane on this one…..

IMG00172-20091112-1238Destination: Lighthouse of Byron Bay, the Eastern most point of Australia.
Inspiration: Jack’s cute email since he’s never been made me want to make the most out of this day. Reshad Strik also said I would LOVE Byron Bay.

Actualization: I had t-minus two hours to get myself my lighthouse moment and back before me and the emergency blonds needed to be driving to the airport to make our flights to Sydney.

I always like when I’ve got a time limit challenge but I must admit today I was a little worried with the thought of driving on the wrong side of the road while having to find my way as I went…

Before I had time for to think about the ramifications for my actions I tied up my tennies, downed my iced skinny mocha with a scoop of ice cream (yeah that’s how they served it ha), and jumped into the…uh passenger seat. Details Angie details. I ran around the car, jumped in the driver’s seat and pulled out of the hotel and headed in the direction of the lighthouse.

Risk #1: Driving on the other side of the road-just don’t die. I only made one wrong right turn the whole trip and the guy driving the van I was headed at laughed at what must have been my OH face as I veered away. I must say it added yet another thrill to my race car driving style. As I curved higher and higher, I decided to pull over, park and run the rest of the way.

Risk #2: Meter parking –  pay or not pay? No time. Run fast and pray no ticket. Double the workout value in my rush. Score.

Risk #3: Find the trail to the lighthouse. I started running but felt the lighthouse signs were steering me astray however after asking two other pedestrians and seeing yet another sign I ran away from where my instinct was telling me to go. Again workout value bonus. Loss for lighthouse. I ended up across and DOWN on the beach.

IMG00173-20091112-1252Risk #4: Guess how and where to go from here. Hmmm, well I ran up the residential route dodging family cars and running what felt like the lap up Sunset Plaza to Mulholland…only to discover the road curved around and never hit the house with the light. Huffing and puffing under the light of the sun….I ran back and around took in the most beautiful view of the ocean I had seen yet and had a mini panic when I realized I was t-minus one hour and back to my midpoint. i still hadn’t showered, packed, or checked out.

Risk #5: what next? I could go home and lie saying I saw the house, or run and not shower pre-airport, or drive and find a way to see the light. Hmm, so I jumped back in the car. What, where’s the steering wheel? Ah run around car to driver’s seat and book it up the hill. As I’m driving the street headed toward lighthouse it turns into a oneway…and I’m driving along the cliff. Sh@t. Is this supposed to be a walkway..there is a man looking at me funny? I keep stopping and looking up at the signs that says NO STOPPING – omg there’s no turning back now.  I edge along. And then like a light at the end of the tunnel.  I’ve arrived. i look at the clock and t-minus 45. I jump out of the car, snap a picture and keep the door open so I remember which side to jump back in and get back on the road. As I’m driving back down I realize I have no f-ing clue where I am. But gosh darn it I saw that light and got in a great workout. I felt good. I BBM the girls I’m lost and use a little Laura Dey-power of instinct to head towards home. if you know me, you know my scattered nature and not-so-smart driving, so when I say I made it home on my first try it was a huge win for the day. And with the car in one piece t-minus 25. I run in to to find my two blond buddies still basking by the pool….and discover we didn’t get on the flights we planned to book. Ha. This gives us time a proper send off of fish and chips with Mama and Papa Byron Bay-Lyn and John. I swear we hugged the couple at least 5 times before we got into the car – Angie wrong side!!! And drove off to the Gold Coast to catch our flight…


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