Jessica Meisels Moment: “Try and hit byron for sure and stay at the byron at byron bay.”
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Jessica Meisels Moment: “Try and hit byron for sure and stay at the byron at byron bay.”

Jessica continued: “The owners name is lyn and tell her u r a friend of mine. It is where all the celebs stay when they go-really private bungalows.”

Destination: Byron at Byron, Balcony, and Cheeky Monkeys


Inspiration: Jessica Meisels, engaged to kiwi racedriver Matt Halliday (who recently won the New Zealand for Porsche), provided us with our Byron Bay moment to stay at the Byron at Byron Bay and meet its owner, Lynn. Every Aussie has told me that Byron Bay is not to miss. Based on the last 24 hours, it’s pretty easy to see why!

Actualization: The 3 blondes of B52….yes the Aussies have labeled us. Jen, Janae and Angie in room B52 had quite the night out. After tapas and wine at Balcony, our waiter said, “you definitely aren’t ready for Cheeky Monkeys” as he brought us 3 Esspresso Martinis.

We downed the drinks and followed the drunkest girls on the street to the bar.

We proceeded to carry out our moment and climbed up on the tables with all the drunk travelers and danced like we were 21. Bobblehead Holland,who was actually 21 and convinced I was 22, unleashed the kissing bandit….I think it was his smiley innocent face and protests that I couldn’t be 31 that provoked the makeout on the street…or maybe just his nodding at my every word.

Blonds of B52 spent breakfast recapping our night, we were joined for coffee and macaroons by an incredible woman.

Lynn, the manager of The Byron at Byron Bay, is the kind of woman you want to meet when you travel. She told us the stories and the history of the small town and the incredible energy that has brought so many to visit here. First, there was Seasick Steve who Lynn almost kicked out of the hotel when she thought he was a bumb in the lobby the day Nicole Kidman came. He’s actually former hobo turned famous folk singer and a now a close friend of hers. Then there was Rusty Miller, a famous 68 year old ex-prosurfer who now teaches surf lessons to tourists. Lynn explained the culture and the people with such a way that you just knew she had found true happiness in her life here. We later came home from the kayak trip she arranged for us starving and it was like momma byron knew…she had macadamias and wine waiting for us along with a note from her and our new Byron family.

Realization:  Always act young- 21 is best – and find a mom in every country!

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  1. Love it! Give Lyn our hugs and kisses from me. I just told Britany spears to go there. make sure you take a surf lesson!

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