Keyshawn Johnson moment: “Hang with me for drinks. On Montana.”

He’s got vision. He’s a businessman. He’s smart. And after meeting him, he’s no doubt a character.

3 mins read

Rewind and Recap-What is 30 Before 30?

I want to show how you can create a 30 Before 30 or even an 80 Before 80 – like Grandpa T. A passion project to help you get through troubled times or just make some fun out of life….and show it doesn’t have to be in Europe:)

3 mins read

James Franco moment: “Brisbane. The beach or the hippy place where you can see whales. Forget the name”

It’s not whale season, you say? Who cares? Tell me to see whales and I’ll show you whales. James Franco moment turns Mission Pineapple Express in Brisbane. As you read the below, note some fav quotes from the movie and how they paralleled our trip. Except we don’t have pot to use as an excuse.

11 mins read

Naomi Watts: “Icebergs Bondi Beach is the best!”

I’m freaking out about the girls and then all of a sudden the road ahead starts breaking and these transformer things are digging up the road and then from the depths of the earth rises a large blue all-earthly superhero. He has his arms crossed and he’s staring down and says. “You won’t go further into these soils. Turn around. Go. Go.”

4 mins read