Revok Moment
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Revok Moment

Destination: Banksy’s ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ US Film Premiere at the Los Angeles Theatre Downtown

Inspiration: Revok, graffiti artist, tells Janae she should go see Banky’s Premiere.

Janae, “Revok is one of the most prolific graffiti artists in the world (will send you a graff image) and someone I have worked with/inspired me for years. Super passionate about his craft.”

Actualization: We walked up to a line of hundreds of people waiting around the block.

We thought – What kind of premiere is this?

As Janae and I made our way to the graffiti-ed red carpet, we saw this wasn’t going to be like anything we’d done in LA….especially at the movies.  I mean people kept saying we’d never even see Banksy. Noone did.


He keeps himself unknown.

Guests were invited to graffiti cars out front and the massive theatre was filled to the rim. Now I know absolutely nothing about graffiti, while Janae knows more than any girl I’ve ever met – But I can honestly say whether you know, love, or hate graffiti – you will be FASCINATED by this documentary.
Who really is Thierry AKA Mr Brainwash?

“It’s like playing chess . . . I don’t know how to play chess but life is a chess game for me” Thierry

Realization: Janae took from the film –
“The thing that worked about thierry was the unlikeliness of him” -banksy
I love when banksy said this because it hit a chord with me – he was talking about how Thiery was able to just get in there and people let him hang around because he was so outside their typical world – like me dorky country girl from a ranch hangin with all these top prolific artists in street art.  Photoed above Saber (also one of THE biggest graffiti artists) last night told shepard fairey that they loved me because I could hang and put up with them. Not that I want to be compared to thierry either necessarily)

Your moment: Go see the gorgeous Los Angeles Theatre Downtown! It’s gorgeous!

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