Mike Gifford Moment: “Do you have a ticket to the game yet?”

The superbowl brings out the superfans. the best kind…almost crazy like certifiable ones. I swear a few times i’d hear the drums and the oompa loompa doompety doo. ive got another puzzle for you….. like the OOOMPA LOOMPAS were going to appear on timeouts to drag a few fans to the incinerator.

3 mins read

Mom Banicki: “I booked your flight from LAX to Chicago for Christmas”

Destination: HOME. Brokeback Bloomington – Actually Normal, IL (or is it?) Inspiration: Mom Banicki booked my flight  from LA to Chicago back in November when I kept extending my Australia trip. Actualization: Christmas Eve at the Banicki’s is always entertaining.  This year the comedy comes from the dogs and Grandma…sometimes a combination of both. Brother […]

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Scott Stuber moment: Erica Cornwall – “We are going to the gym to sweat it out….then onto Scott Stuber’s holiday party”

Erica and I lose track of time on the precore at Equinox laughing and telling stories from the night before. 90 minutes later, covered in sweat, and stomach sore from laughing while running, we are like new again. Ready to toxify yet again.

2 mins read