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IMG_0258Destination: Avatar 3D The Grove theater, West Hollywood

Inspiration: 1 – Zoe Saldana who I took to the Kentucky Derby 4 years ago. She was working on the film back then! 2 – Sam Worthington who at age 30 sold his entire apartment and contents hoping to get a fresh start on life-Saturn Return.

Actualization:  Kim and I head to DisneyLand AKA The Grove 90 minutes early to hold seats for the group of ladies(which end up being 1 lady) we’d rounded up to join for the movie on opening night. Page almost doesn’t come to see the movie because she wants to see UP IN THE AIR.  Ironically first person we see at the theater is Jason Reitman, Director of UP IN THE AIR! Kim proceeds to tell Jason that maybe we will “sneak in” to see UP IN THE AIR after we see Avatar. Jason if you only knew I wanted to see your travel movie more than Avatar.  We grab Coffee Bean lattes and Page calls to say she forgot to buy her ticket and now they are sold out.  Lucky for Page, Kim and I have big mouths and ten minutes later we are being offered a ticket by a guy behind us in line.  As we walk into the theater, he calls his friend to confirm they have the extra and I call page.  I tell Page – go to The Farm(restaurant next to the theater) and look for a hispanic guy named GONZOLO standing with a taller guy in the middle of the restaurant. Bring cash and he’ll have a ticket for you. Yes this is how it went down.


Page is running to the car and says, “wait is he the mexican busyboy then?”
I tell her,  “no page. he doesnt work there he’s just eating there.”

I text her 5 min later: “Gonzolo es muy solo y tu gusto rapido. Por favor.” I wasn’t really sure what I was saying but I wanted to tell her Gonzolo was now alone and she needed to hurry. She wasn’t getting it so then I wrote – HURRY and bring cash for him.

I mean I was an A+ estudiante in Spanish in high school but I’m over 30 now.

Next thing you know Page is walking into the theater yelling(as I’m talking to Gonzolo’s friends),  “Angie I found Gonzalez!!!  Wasn’t easy but I’m IN! ”

As we sit down, the story gets better.

Page apparently gave Gonzolo 20 dollars and said, just keep the change.

He responded with, “No. I have a real job. I have change for you.”

Page says don’t worry and he says, “No. I’m a doctor. I have a business. Here’s 5 dollars.  You can pay me the the75 cents next time I see you.”
We giggle about this until the movie starts. Watching a movie with Kim is quite the entertaining experience.  She talks at the screen….a lot. She responds vocally to just about everything.  I.e. “That guy is hardcore. What a dick, man.” “Dude when they do that it’s weird, it’s like they are having sex with the animals. Kinda weird right?”  Kim’s loudmouth makes me feel better abut my gasps, physical cringes, and moaning.  I’m vocal in my fear.  Kim says she brings it out in me.

Point being, we were both loud because the movie was RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING and evoked a response from just about everyone in that theater.  It was visually appealing and Sam Worthington wasn’t so hard to watch on screen.  SO WORTH the 90 minute wait.

Realization: It’s okay to go to the movies 90 minutes early.  You are guaranteed a good story and a bowl of laughs…doesnt matter if it’s a scifi or a comedy or even a good movie half the time.  Lucky for us, we got the whole package and bonus.

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SW – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0941777/

Zoe – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0757855/

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  1. um i over supported avatar, bought two tickets but only went once. thats OK was well worth it. How about I now want to go to Avatar land… Angie get us one of those machines?

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