Mom Banicki: “I booked your flight from LAX to Chicago for Christmas”
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Mom Banicki: “I booked your flight from LAX to Chicago for Christmas”

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George Gyllenhaal
George Gyllenhaal

Mom Banicki booked my flight  from LA to Chicago back in November when I kept extending my Australia trip.

Mom Banicki
Mom Banicki

Christmas Eve at the Banicki’s is always entertaining.  This year the comedy comes from the dogs and Grandma…sometimes a combination of both.

Brother Adam’s puggle George has a male crush on Mom and Dad’s dog, Dewey.  This is the only time we see the Gay in George.  The boys decided Bloomington Illinois is the Brokeback Mountain for George Gyllenhaal.   At Halloween when George was home dressed as a pirate they first discovered the crush of the “butt pirates” and it stuck.

Kissing D and G
Kissing D and G

Brokeback quotes all around as George and Dewey are inspired to hump each other with all the Banicki moments:

Opening presents the two straddle their rawhide frisbee gifts.
Eating Christmas dinner George and Dewey canoodle under the table.
Heading off to mass the pair get excited to be locked in the laundry room together.
Watching movies they lay together by the fireplace.

“I wish I knew how to quit you Dewey.”

Grandma Banicki brings more laughs.

“Remember the high school busdriver’s son? he’s still single angie!! and now a used car salesman”

“Or what about that guy from your Junior prom? He was so nice Angela!”

Grandma and JJ
Grandma and JJ

When you are single, all the old people think about how they can ‘fix you.’
Brother JJ has the girlfriend and the dog and Grandma has an opinion on that too.  Marley, their dog, got nervous and was about to poo, and Aude reached to catch so it wouldn’t get on Mom’s floor. Grandma hits JJ and says, “Good job JJ. You trained her well!” The girlfriend not the dog…..

More fun Grandparent quotes you must read on twitter @justin_kanew

Grandma and the pups
Grandma and the pups

Realization: A lot of people complain about family time being a bit too much over the holidays.  I say just make sure you have dogs and old people around. As the Aussies say, “Merry Chrissy!”

Your moment:

As for Mom and Dad, well they are just the loving same Mom and Dad Banicki.  I was excited to hear they are planning 60 before 60.  They announce they’ll be doing the pilgrimage in Europe!  This is exciting for me because that means I have an excuse to come meet them in Europe and I know I’ve secretly helped inspire the travel.
Note to my friends: The fridge is empty so I we haven’t done a good enough job of sending them inspiring pics.Mom and Dad Banicki

One thought on “Mom Banicki: “I booked your flight from LAX to Chicago for Christmas”

  1. maybe we cut out of LA and you marry the bus drivers son aka car dealer and i can look up my high school boyfriend who nows resides in Chicago and recently reconnected on Facebook – we can live in side by side apartments and have Court and Carter send us cases of VeeV so we dont know that our life is not what we wanted?

    Ok wait, just kidding, let’s just have drinks at the chateau jan 5th. considering i dont see your flight booked to bahamas!

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