Mike Gifford Moment: “Do you have a ticket to the game yet?”
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Mike Gifford Moment: “Do you have a ticket to the game yet?”

Destination: Super Bowl XLIV, Miami FL USA

Inspiration: Mike Gifford: “Do you have a ticket to the game yet?”

Actualization: I felt like Charlie Bucket when he opened up his Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar and found the Golden Ticket!

I GOT A GOLDEN TICKET!  Mike Gifford was SAINT Willie Wonka and I was going to the CHOCOLATE FACTORY! Mike Gifford actually got his golden tickets from the Redbull factory 🙂

I picked up Mike in a cab with a bottle of Pepto for him and some golden tights for me and the Saints.  As we walked towards the gates to the game, I really did feel like Charlie.  Everything was larger than life.  We even saw this OOMPA-LOOMPA before we entered the main stadium:

We sat down to our seats. Row 13/section 112.  I know people talk about watching from the suites at these games but I’m telling you Mike’s golden tickets were pure golden nuggets to me.

We all know the outcome to the game by now. Saints won! So I thought I’d share some other fun moments.

The Superbowl brings out the superfans. The best kind…almost crazy like certifiable ones. I swear a few times I’d hear  the drums and the oompa loompa doompety doo. I’ve got another puzzle for you….. like the OOOMPA LOOMPAS were going to appear on timeouts to drag a few fans to the incinerator.

I made Mike and Veronica (Veronica got a golden ticket as well) help me seek out the fans.

This Saints fan actually played the gluttonous Augustus Gloop in the 1971 Wonka movie and now he’s a Jester for children’s parties and the Superbowl.

These two licked too much of the Lickable Wallpaper for Nurseries.

This guy was eating the Rainbow Drops: “Suck them and you can spit in six different colors!” PS he told me he was a Saints fan in his heart…hence their jersey on his left side:)

Veruca Salt – I want the World! I did feel spoiled with these Golden tickets.  I can think of 310 people who deserved them more.  Then the Blues Brother Saints appeared and saved me from not Veruca Salting my way down the garbage chute.

What’s a snosberry?

These blue faced colts fans got too cocky and what started with their cheers and blue faces blew up to a big fat loss of a game. It was a case of Violet Beurogarde. Sorry Blue and White…oompa loompa doopety doo…

Realization: Be a fan.  You can be a fan of sports, a fan of tv, a fan of the Olympics, a fan of old people, a fan of mascots. Be a fan and travel to support your crazy FAN-tasy.

10 thoughts on “Mike Gifford Moment: “Do you have a ticket to the game yet?”

  1. Hey! Those blue faced oompa loompas are my daughters! They were so thrilled to be at the Super Bowl, and were actually happy for the Saints in the end. We had a great time regardless of the outcome! NOT cocky, just excited!

  2. Imagine if Polamalu had practiced this week, another superhuman effort (go look at a game highlight film right now, I’ll wait) and the Stillers don’t have to resort to hooligan shenanigans like secretly taping opponents, mainly because Polamalu is living inside the opposing quarterback’s head.

  3. Does this 49ers victory mean they are primed for a late-season run to the playoffs? They travel to Green Bay in Week 13, followed by the Seattle game and then two more on the road. Life in the NFL is week to week. The 49ers beat a bad team Monday night. Let’s see if they can sustain their momentum.

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