Janae’s 30 Before 30 Letter
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Janae’s 30 Before 30 Letter

Sharing moments……

My friend Janae turns 30 next month – below is the letter we sent to the influential people in her life.

Janae wanted to be rejuvenated so we have set out to re-janaevize with help from her friends.

Perhaps it will inspire you to send out an email to the people in your life who inspire you!  Or maybe you have a moment to send us to experience-comment below!

Hi everyone,

My 30th birthday is right around the corner and I want to turn 30 rejuvenated, inspired, and ready for my 30’s! My amazing friend and super LA publicist Angie Banicki – following in her 30 before 30 tradition – is helping me do my own 30 before 30 and we plan to blog some of it on www.angies30before30blog.com

How it works:

I need 30 inspiring moments in LA county (and anywhere that is a close drive away  – Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Big Bear even) before I blow out my candles on May 6th! Think of your favorite memories, favorite places, wackiest experiences, most inspiring moments . . . Be as simple or as creative as you want,  and then Angie and I will hit the road to do and document them!

You might have seen our escapades and moments in Australia.  (I even got my own moment when we landed back in the U.S.A.!). We did everything from  bat hunting in Sydney thanks to Dax Shepard, to the Mechad Brooks mission of eating Morton Bay Bugs in Melbourne, to Lil Jon making us drink till we dropped in Lorne, to watching the rove show for Jay Leno.

One of my favorite moments was when Robin Williams sent us to Palm Beach.  We had an amazing dinner beachside with a fantastic crew of newfound Aussie friends that ended with me zooming through the streets of Palm beach on a super charged motor scooter in a dress and sneakers!

Each moment I was on with her brought new experiences, new fun, new friends, a new found fondness of life that I cant wait to do all over in LA. Being that 30 is such a pinnacle year, and since you have positively effected the course of my career and life, I want you to be a part of this mission with us . . .


Here are a few questions to get you started and thanks so much in advance . .

*What is one of your favorite memories in LA? Where’d you go and why
*Where did you meet someone new and unexpectedly?
*If you could tell a traveler where to go in their first trip to LA where would you send them? Could be a restaurant, museum, hotel, landmark, street corner
*Do you know someone we should go see? i.e. When people ask me about Australia I always send them to see our Aussie mom Lynn at Byron bay who completely took care of us girls and has the most caring soul and positive outlook on life. She spent hours with us talking about life and love and showed us what a true quality of life should be!
*Is there an event in April/May or specific event or tradition that we should take part in?
*Are you going to be in town during the next month and if so could we bring you on our journey

Stay tuned to www.angies30before30.com to see our adventures


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