Naomi Watts: “Icebergs Bondi Beach is the best!”
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Naomi Watts: “Icebergs Bondi Beach is the best!”


Destination: ICEBERG Restaurant, Bondi Beach

Inspiration: Naomi Watts says, “ICEBERGS bondi beach is the best”

Actualization: Iceberg’s is famous and not an easy reservation!  Thanks Nicole Perna for hooking it up! Janae and I had a yummy dinner watching the sunset Sunday evening.  I’m going to pretend to be a foodie for a second….here’s what we ordered:

To start: A bottle of Cettadon Pinot Noir. Red wine has become a staple for me in Australia.  Always Pinot or Shiraz.
Butter lettuce and mini prawns fried with aoili.  The prawns sounded better than they tasted.
Main course: STING RAY!  A first for me.  The sting ray was good and prepared with mushrooms and spinach. Side of white aspargus was my favorite…the veggie in me:)
Dessert: Another staple. Espresso Martinis.
Now I’m not sure if it was the bug I caught the night before or just after effects of the sting ray but I dreamt, rather hallucinated some crazy stuff. Here’s my stream of consciousness. Post dream. It’s 5am.

Hallucination #1:
I go to a party. I am having fun but feel too tipsy and friends are angry when I say I need to go home and cannot get us into Paris Hilton’s party. Guy driving car takes us to party anyway.  We go in the Paris party and I eat cookies (chocolate chip oatmeal) and people are sleeping on every floor of the mansion.  When I say sleeping, I mean sprawled out, questionably alive. About 12 to a room.

Hallucination #2:
Heading back to the car, we jump in and as we are about to pull out there are 4 dogs and a dude with a shotgun out and he’s pissed we parked at his garage. The girls….transformed to Angela and Janae, are outside the car and Jeff (that’s what we’ll call the guy driving the car. He is a familiar face to me as a professional going-outer in LA) drives off without them and the girls are chasing car. I keep asking Jeff what he is doing? “Go back. Get them now.” He says he will when he can get far enough from the guy (shotgun shots in background). But then when we are far enough he just picks up speed. I’m freaking out about the girls and then all of a sudden the road ahead starts breaking and these transformer things are digging up the road and then from the depths of the earth rises a large blue all-earthly superhero. He has his arms crossed and he’s staring down and says. “You won’t go further into these soils. Turn around. Go. Go.”  Jeff freaks and reverses and I think, well we are getting the girls but I’m scared for my life and close my eyes thinking holy shit, holy shit, superhero and then I wake up (fake wake up). I start to tell Janae the story but as I get to superhero part I start to fall asleep as I keep saying,  “you are going to think I’m crazy you think I’m crazy” (PS Janae says I was really saying this aloud).

Hallucination #3:
Then I half wake up realizing I am talking in my sleep (still in the dream) and there were cockroaches in my bed biting me and making me crazy and I am having some sort of panic attack..can’t remember this one, but fake wake up again and my roommates are now Blake Lively and Jean Kwolek. I explain to Blake why I was crying and panting in my dream and halfway through the story she is like you are crazy and runs out of the room. I start to go back to sleep..

Hallucination #4:
Cut to Penn Badgley almost crying (trying to) but it was really bad acting and he was saying I can’t believe I let it happen. I just cannot. I’ve lost her. Blake really gave her virginity to Chace but I really wanted her back…yes Gossip Girl style but with their real names.

I wake up to Janae for real about to throw up again and I used her inability to move or speak to recite everything I just wrote.




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  1. Wow that picture of the restaurant is amazing…

    and…you have quite an amazing memory of your dreams! not sure how to interpret them though

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