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Jay Leno Moment: Go see Rove.

imagesSince Jay Leno has never been to Sydney, my Jay Leno moment was to see the “Jay” of Australia-Rove. As a former intern for David Letterman and Conan O’Brian this moment was one that hit close to home. I love a cute comedy genius-and Rove was that and more. 🙂 Quick, witty, and personable. We laughed our way through his show.

And bonus two of the guests were Benji and Joel Madden here from L.A. I later got an email forwarded from my friend Jean where Joel said: “She should attend Rove the late night show here.” Love that he was part of my moment!

Novelist Ben Elton and an adorable Aussie duo-Hamish and Andy filled out the guest list….and then…

Hammertime! As we heard the nostalgic, raspy voice, out jumped the dancing machine MC Hammer breaking it down on stage.

securedownloadAfter the show, the night continued with dinner on the beach…halfway though dinner, I ran out to the water to dip my feet in the Aussie ocean for the first time. I found my first jellyfish washed up on the sand; it kinda looked like a melting ball of ice or pile of used condoms.

My friend Janae (here too from LA) and our new Aussie friends introduced us to Melbourne nightlife and we ended the night with some Hungry Jack in the gorgeous estate of one of the guy’s parents. Apparently in Australia, it’s not uncommon for the kids to live at home post college even if they can afford to be on their own. They say Melbourne in Australia is like the LA of the US and Sydney the New York! Despite the fact that I have few Melbourne moments and was told it was overrated, I have enjoyed every bit of the last 24 hours.

Thank you Tracy St Pierre for the rove tickets!

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