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Joel Madden Moment

joelmadden300Joel Madden quote: “And she should go to an aussie rules football game. I would tell her to see the melbourne cup but its already passed. That’s the thing to see.”

At first I thought Joel’s email had a typo but in fact it is called, “Aussie rules football”. DEFINITION: A variant of football played between two teams of 18 players, plus four interchange players, outdoors on large oval-shaped grass fields (often modified cricket fields), with a ball in the shape of a prolate spheroid.

I kind of happened upon Joel’s moment yesterday which made it even more fun. That morning I searched for a game to attend and realized the football season for 09 was up. Went for my now routine run for the day and happened upon a trifecta of sport’s arenas and decided it was time to get creative for a moment. 😉

IMG00202Jen and I walked around the entire MRC stadium where they hold cricket, football and rugby matches. We took pictures imitating the statues of the great sport’s heroes of Melbourne. I chatted up security and ground’s crew trying to persuade my way in.  Finally at GATE 3 my Angie Charm worked as I got a secret grin from the security there. I explained that I needed to take a picture while I visualized a football game down in the arena. As he opened up the rope and tried to keep up his serious guard air, he said, “Okay I’ll take you down for photos.” I know he loved every minute of watching Jen and I run around taking photos in different seats and posing around the field. We even got Jonathan to be photographer for a few.

IMG00136-20091109-1450Jen found this quote on the wall as we walked out – “Moments that made us”. This captured the essence of today:)

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