Mehcad Brooks moment: “Try some Morton Bay Bugs…like lobster but better”.
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Mehcad Brooks moment: “Try some Morton Bay Bugs…like lobster but better”.

Destination: The Secret Life of Bugs of Moreton Bay in Melbourne, Australia

Inspiration: Spent a sick day in Melbourne watching movies and True Blood and caught footage of my friend Mehcad Brooks on the show!

Actualization: When I saw Mehcad on screen and heard the Aussies loved him, we figured it might not be a bad idea to ask for a moment. Mehcad said: “Try some Morton Bay Bugs…like lobster but better”. I thought I was being played, until I read it a 2nd time aloud sitting with Master Chef Sophie Cookes, who said, “Oh yeah. Moreton Bay bugs are DELICIOUS!” And when Sophie talks food with her strong Melbourne accent and authoritative nature, you just believe her. She’s a comic foodie for sure.

Anyway, after two days of sickness, what better way to recover than by eating some buys, right? Well I soon found out these “bugs” are actually a crustacean delicacy and according to BBC one of the foods to eat before you die. Whoop. Cross that one off the list.


The Moreton Bay Bug (Thenus Orientalis), also known as the Bay lobster, is a species of slipper lobster found throughout the waters of Australia’s north coast. It is a relatively expensive [citation needed] delicacy served in many restaurants in Queensland.

Tuesday turned into FINDING NEMO, as we set out to find Moreton Bay Bugs in Melbourne and ended up at Max’s clients restaurant. We sat at a table with a view of the bugs, wines and fire launches on the water behind us. A perfect finale to my exploration of Melbourne.

I like the bug, but it tasted a bit too fishy for me. Maybe it’s because I thought it would taste buggier?

Realization: After recovering from the (sick) bug and eating a bug, it was time for me to stop being a bedbug and go travel the coast!

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Mechad Brooks
Waterfront Restaurant

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