Mehcad Brooks moment: “Try some Morton Bay Bugs…like lobster but better”.

When I saw Mehcad on screen and heard the Aussies loved him, we figured it might not be a bad idea to ask for a moment. Mehcad said: “Try some Morton Bay Bugs…like lobster but better”. I thought I was being played, until I read it a 2nd time aloud sitting with Master Chef Sophie Cookes, who said, “Oh yeah. Moreton Bay bugs are DELICIOUS!” And when Sophie talks food with her strong Melbourne accent and authoritative nature, you just believe her. She’s a comic foodie for sure.

2 mins read

Lil Jon moment: “Drink till you passout”

Toolie Weekend in the small town of Lorne (they call kids on summer break schoolies down under….and then there are those older chaps who celebrate like schoolies…toolies-my mates for the weekend.

3 mins read

MC Hammer: “Hammertime at Billboard. 9pm tonight.”

Ben Schwerin, my well-traveled friend, always seems to send me to people who end up staying in my life no matter what country they are in, so when Ben said I should meet his friend Max Markson from Sydney I knew I had to get to it. Lucky for me Max happened to be in Melbourne with MC Hammer at the same time I was there for my quick stint.

3 mins read