Brooke Blumberg Moment: “Do you want a ticket to the Premiere of Dear John?”
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Brooke Blumberg Moment: “Do you want a ticket to the Premiere of Dear John?”

Destination: Dear John Premiere at Graumann’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Inspiration: Brooke Blumberg “Do you want a ticket to the Premiere of ‘Dear John’? No reviews Angie.”   

Actualization: Hollywood premieres are always fun. Munching on free popcorn, cheering when the actor’s names flash on the screen, getting all dressed up, and watching little teen girls take pictures with their idols.

Best part is being with the people who poured their blood, sweat and tears into a project and feeling just an ounce of how that accomplishment touches them.
Reminds me of going to my brother Adam’s basketball games and  brother JJ’s plays growing up.
Dear John, If you ever have the chance to experience someone else’s moments with them, don’t pass it up.

I got to experience that moment with some of my favorite people who I felt lucky to have had moments with in the past. Below is a review of my travel memories with them, along with a little Liz(one of my movie dates) commentary!

Channing Tatum:

Liz quote: Dear John“He once inadvertantly brushed against my upper thigh and it was one of the most erotic moments of my life”

Travel trip: To the screaming tweens at Graumans and Liz, Channing is the new boy crush, but to me, he is the dude I had the time of my life with in the Bahamas for the opening of Cain at the Cove, Atlantis.
Watching his larger than life persona on massive movie screen as he romanced Amanda Seyfriend reminded me of the love affair between him and Jenna on the Bahama beaches.

Scott Porter:

Liz quote: Dear Johnnnnnn “I remember he had the dance moves from that one trip!”

Travel trip: I brought Scott backstage to see N.E.R.D. Perform at Austin City Limits a few years ago. That was a moment where I had to explain to backstage security that he and friends were all cast members from Friday Night Lights. It wasn’t long before everyone realized and Scott was surrounded by Texans. I felt like I accomplished my “in” when I got them past! Best part was that at that music festival we had the best time laughing and dancing outside VIP. Austin TX is a dream to visit especially for a music festival!

DJ Cotrona:

Liz (and well most of my friends who’ve met him) quote: Dear Dear John ”Very cute!”

Travel trip: DJ is very quiet and unassuming. On screen you’d never know it but even in crazy Vegas for the Killers concert at the Hard Rock he was pretty low key…yet always with a certain shy charm.

Keith Robinson:

Liz quote (when we said hi to him post movie): D-D-De-Dear John! “Lets get this party started?” Liz was ready for wine at the afterparty.

Travel trip: Commander Keith in the movie reminded me of Kentucky Derby Keith. Keith led his troop of reps to the afterparty.

Richard Jenkins:

Liz quote: Dear Daddy John “Angie he reminds me so much of your dad!” I don’t really know Richard but I do know he seems to be similar to Dad Banicki. Bald with a welcoming, calm demeanor. Richard also grew up in the same town where Guy Banicki went to college. Dekalb Illinois…maybe that’s also why I was so emotional in the father/son scenes.

There's see it, right?

Travel Trip: Premiere afterparty, H-Wood. Alana, Liz and I spent most of our time at the afterparty searching for…yup Daddy Jenkins. We didn’t find him but after his meatloaf and lasagna scenes in the movie, we decided to leave the after party when Alana said, “It looks like the Dad cooked the food here. Let’s go meet the girls elsewhere.”

As we exited for home we passed one more character from the movie-Henry Thomas (the little boy from ET!)

Our quote: ET PHONE HOME!

Alana’s premiere disney moment: Since Alana was placed across the aisle from us it became our mission to figure out who the blond in the purple dress sitting next to her and signing autographs could possibly be. Every little girl in the theater had come over to meet Blondie.  I ran to try and take a sly photo but of course the sweet girl looked at Alana questionably.  The rest is history as Alana and Tiffany Thornton bonded over popcorn and we watched her and kermit this morning online.

Tiffany Thornton

Actualization: Never pass on an invite to a big hollywood premiere… (do pass on movie inspired cuisine at the buffet) and remember usually how you experience real life moments, even when not glamourous, is what can make them seem larger than life.

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  1. Too cool! Bookmarking your blog and am going to start working through the archives as soon as I get time. Glad there’s someone out there writing about this with your attitude and honesty.

  2. Cheers, I hope you have a good day! Very good article, well written and very thought out. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

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