David Arquette Moment: “I’m performing in a play at the Geffen”
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David Arquette Moment: “I’m performing in a play at the Geffen”

Destination: The Female of the Species

Geffen Playhouse

10886 Le Conte Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90024-3021

(310) 208-5454

Inspiration: The ever-inspirational David Arquette and his charity of choice Feeding America.  David is Chairman of Feeding America’s Entertainment Council.

David and Joel

Actualization: I went to go see David in his play with my friends from Feeding America, including Joel Goldman, my favorite boss.  The Female of the Species

Here’s a quick recap of what this female has to say about The Female of the Species:

1. David Arquette plays a dufus hedge-fund investor with a fun twist of physical comedy.

Side note: I googled “physical comedy” and the first video that came up was:

Zach Galifianakis on physical comedy

PS You’ll see the irony in our friend Zach later.

2. One of my favorite lines in the play and just one example of David’s character’s comedic misquotes: Bryan (David Arquette) “I love you Tess. You know I’ve always mounted you on a pedestal.”

3. Each character shows us a darker hidden side at one point in the play. Quiet cabbie Frank (Josh Stamberg) goes into hot tyrade when he starts describing how men should treat women. He “exuded the man” as Janae would say. “Women want a man who knows how to handle two things for them really, really well: Foreplay. And taxes.”

4. Joanna Murray Smith, the playwright is an Aussie. She based the story on an experience of her Australian friend.  I heart that.

Today I have writer’s block in the worst way.  Worse than Margot Mason (Annette Bening) did in the play. Margot was a famous author of feminist self-help books like The Cerebral Vagina.

I thought I was genius last night after 3 or maybe 4 “4 Aces” at the Roger Room when I labeled my three new friends who had just arrived to LA from a trip that started in Vegas.

Bradley Cooper-the hot one (Nick, Don’t ask how I got your picture…)

Zach Galifinekous

and the one who lost a tooth (he had all his teeth and wasn’t so amused)

And now today my “genius” is gone  – as I described that species and what now encompasses me – The Hangover.

All I want to do is go for a run and prepare for another night of Oscar fun.

Realization: This morning as I wrote this James Cameron said on Inside the Actor’s Studio, “I’m not a good writer.  I don’t really like to do it. For me it’s a task.”  Everyone gets writer’s block.  Sometimes you need a good Hangover to stop the block.

Your Moment:

Donate to Feeding America

The Female of the Species

Written by Joanna Murray-Smith

Directed by Randall Arney

February 2 – March 14, 2010

Academy Award nominee Annette Bening returns to the Geffen Playhouse in this wildly wicked farce. Watch and laugh as a famed feminist author’s retreat is rudely and hilariously interrupted by a host of unexpected guests: a disgruntled student, an impatient cabbie, her longtime publisher, her overlooked daughter and simplistic son-in-law. Writer’s block has never been so funny!

Call 310.208.5454 or select a performance date below for tickets!

Featuring: David Arquette, Annette Bening, Mireille Enos, Julian Sands, Josh Stamberg and Merritt Wever

Performance Notes: The Female of the Species is a 95 minute comedy with no intermission and contains mature language.


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