30 Nights
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30 Nights

So after waking up 3 days in a row in 3 different places…
First a booth in Jerry’s Deli for a nap
then in Rachel Krupa’s bed with my shoes on and the covers over my head
then last night solo on Daniel Spink’s couch when everyone else went to makeout….
Alana Kleiman said, “HOW DO YOU DO IT? You just keep going and the stories are hilarious. You need to document this stuff.”
So here we go…..
30 adventurous nights with Angie Banicki
Photo courtesy of Brett Gursky
Photo title: “The Good Witch of the West”
Photo caption:
Angie Banicki, Jerry’s Famous Deli (Ventura Blvd), 9/16/10, 4:22AM
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