Day 2 On The Town
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Day 2 On The Town


No more pics please…

Sunday was a recovery day – all about the mix CD creation – Angie Banicki Presents Lightning Bolt(see below)

Left the house in my running outfit for…..

Stop 1Arclight 4:40pm movie – Town.

We heart Ben Affleck as a director.

“Remember Jeremy Renner singing to us at Sunset Tower and calling you sasquatch last spring, um now he’s scary! He was so good.” – Alana post film.

Stop 2–  Parlor

4 drunk guys pointed at my long white running socks and yelled to the tune of Lil Jon’s SHOTS….


The bouncer told me there was no way I was 31…I should wear workout clothes to bars more often:)

Stop 3Dominicks for Sunday dinner Gnocchi and $12 bottles of wine!

My Mix CD: “Lightning Bolt”

✓            Dynamite            3:24            Taio Cruz

✓            Everything You Want            4:17            Vertical Horizon

✓            I Will Live On Islands            3:03            Josh Rouse

✓            Wonderwall            4:19            Oasis

✓            If I Ever Feel Better            4:26            Phoenix

✓            Pumpkin Soup            3:00            Kate Nash

✓            Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)            4:21            The Script

✓            I Feel Better            4:40            Hot Chip

✓            Hey You            3:13            Pony Pony Run Run

✓            Lovefool            3:14            The Cardigans

✓            Young Folks            4:39            Peter Bjorn and John            Writer’s Block

✓            You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb            3:09            Spoon

✓            Ride Wit Me            4:52            Nelly featuring City Spud

✓            DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull)            3:42            Usher

✓            Toot It and Boot It            4:04            YG

✓            Sometimes I Rhyme Slow            2:52            Nice & Smooth

✓            Teenage Dream            3:48            Katy Perry

✓            It’s Amazing            3:58            Jem

✓            Sleepyhead            2:55            Passion Pit

✓            Luna de Fuego            3:34            Gipsy Kings

✓            Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare            3:28            Matt & Kim

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