Night 29: Rachel Krupa Surprise Moment
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Night 29: Rachel Krupa Surprise Moment

Usually surprises surprise me for the worst. Ill throw a surprise but I don’t like a surprise.

Someone told me that this is a trait of the Scorpio sign. Personally I think it’s because I plan events, parties, connect people….and with a surprise it’s not my planning. Wow am I control freak? Type A.

But that’s the thing about best friends – they find a way to make a surprise lovely and compatable to us;)
Rachel warned me of a surprise and said she was telling everyone surpise so I didn’t have to feel bad about who was invited and I didn’t have to stress. It was perfect! I knew to expect and prepare the Anxious A/Angie Panicki:)
Rachel walked me blindfolded spinning me in circles to the back patio of my favorite asian restaurant in LA-Yatai!
I have the most colorful group of friends and to add to the mischieviousness group rachel had the girls wearing pearls and the boys panties. Our asian waitress brought out a 3 foot long bamboo full of sake that she tipped into our sake cups and eventually mouths.
They played a game describe Angie in one word and AJ made a drinking game of it-vowel and you drink..then double letters you drink.
I get embarrassed with attention so tried to switch the subject but gave in realizing it was just fun to create words…I mean it really wasn’t about me – Cougar,Bodacious, Energetc, Avatar…

From Yatai we headed to the birthday/backwards bar mitzvah of Brett Gurksy! Milana planned a candle ceremony and here was my addition:

Ladies and Gentleman this is Candle/Mambo number 5

Since I’m not a Jew, I decided to internet how to perform a bar mitzvah candle lighting and here’s what I found:

Perform The Ceremony Smoothly

1 Beat stress and nerves by reading the poem from a printed sheet instead of memory.

Take a shot at 31 – and pretend this is fun.

2 Rehearse the poem a few times to make sure you perform it smoothly

At 31 – Go with the flow…feeling whack…just play Baby Got Back

3 Stand up straight, speak clearly and perform from the heart, allowing your guests to get the true feelings.

For Brett  just  tell yourself you are TOO LEGIT TO QUIT

No matter the house of pain, don’t JUMP AROUND it

4 Think about how you would like to write the poem. Rhyming is a popular option.

Brett I chose songs from 1992 that made me think of you….ok fine Milana said that too

As I look around the room while in rhyming mode

I see friends you’ll have till the end of the road

Do you remember the time

of that tastemaker rhyme…..

5 Break the poem up into segments.

Boy are we glad you didnt move to Tennessee

Brett we know what you’re thinking – I’m too sexy

outside there are clubbers saying “Take A Chance On Me”

Brett’s always says  – Come As You Are

he lives – Life Is A Highway and we’re going far.

6 Include important and funny details about each person included in the ceremony.

Ah yes save the best for last

Here’s the song you pick from the cast

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Twighlight Zone

Rump Shaker

Little Miss Cant Be Wrong

Humpin Around

This Used To Be My Playground

I Love Your Smile

Diamonds And Pearls

Oochie Coochie

Kagan, Savage, Milana, Franklin, Leah

7  Consider hiring a professional speech writer. Provide him or her with pertinent information.

Uh shouldn’t that have been #1?

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