Night 28ish?
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Night 28ish?

Parents weekend!!

Mom and Dad Banicki got quite the halloween weekend….

From Beachers Madhouse to Iowa Hawkeye Football at Barneys Beanery to Soho House to Todd Feldmans place…. they were taken on an adventure!
Do you know why I love having Mom and Dad Banicki though?
They would’ve been just as happy if I made them hike, watch tv and hang out at my house….of course we did all of this too!
Parents remind us how lucky we are – and my parents have the most “geniunely happy for you” way of expressing it!
They were like kids telling me that David Arquette said “such nice things about you!”
My SoHo membership was all worth it for Dad’s oohs and ahhs on Halloween.
They were travelers in Los Angeles and would report things to me about my friends that I had never heard…and then they’d just remind me why I love certain people.
“Did you know that Kristi was engaged once?”
“That Chris Huvane has such a comfortable nice way about him”
“We are so glad we met Rachel’s parents. She is a great friend and you’re lucky to have her in your life.”
They told me about talking to the man in charge of valet at the Roosevelt Hotel and how he told them he grew up in Southside Chicago just like them.
They told me that the Moscow Mule at SoHo was one of the yummiest drinks.
They dressed in bright yellow for JJ Banicki‘s Iowa game.
They said never in their 50 some years had they seen something like Todd’s house on Halloween!
Mom and Dad Banicki we can’t wait till you move here!

Mom and Dads favorite costume of the night-took 4 hours of makeup!!

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