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Aloha 24
My night in Waikiki started at 8pm Pacific time/5pm Hawaii time when I went for a wander and photoed the beautiful beaches around the Edition Hotel. Everything looks like a postcard!

Edition motto- Vision Distinction Dedication Passion Inspiration Innovation

Travel Moment of Opportunity – Take solo explore time! My favorite is the first run in a new place. Learn from a new city. Step outside. No agenda. No plan – just wander and observe. The opportunity comes when you feel the energy of the city – the culture, and the people in those moments are indescribable.
Here is some of what I captured-

Why am I in Hawaii? The Edition Hotel, Ian Schrager’s partnership with Marriott, launched its first of ten hotels around the world in Waikiki this weekend. LA guests flew out to partake in the festivities. Some of my favs-
The always entertaining Chris Huvane who discovered our mascot for the night…”The tan Larry David”
The beautiful and witty Jamie Lynn Sigler posing here with “Larry” in background.
One who appreciates to move like me, dancescot Eliane Henri
Zach “i know where you are from” Gilford who can talk the socks off anyone. Zach not only finds out what city you’re from but I guarantee he’ll hit you with a million questions and we love him for it.
Saturday evening we all feasted on a 7 course extravaganza at the hotel’s Morimoto restaurant and then danced it all off at CrazyBox the underground club.