Jeff Vespa- #14
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Jeff Vespa- #14

Jeff Vespa

So I had this dream last night with lots of crazy things happening but randomly throughout people kept saying, “Talk to Jeff.” or, “Did u find Jeff?”
I swear I woke up and thought I was going to meet someone named Jeff- I’ve been having really intuititive and even lucid dreams lately. Call me kooky, I know.

It wasn’t until now that I put it together that my subconscious wanted to make sure I talked to Jeff Vespa-not that crazy since we’d been trading calls for the last week.

This morning, I finally phoned down Jeff Vespa to give me some life/business advice. Jeff started a little site called Wireimage. Yes, the site where in my four years at Harrison & Shriftman we started our mornings scanning the photos from the celebrity red carpet events from the night before-sometimes even looking for each other. Anyone and everyone in entertainment knows Wireimage, and I’d say 90 percent of them know Jeff Vespa. ; )

Jeff is one of the most positive people you’ll meet, which is probably one of the reasons he’s a great photographer and filmmaker. He makes it easy to be yourself when you’re around him.

After I hung up with Jeff, all I could think throughout the day was –

Wow. Jeff’s advice not only motivated me to get going, but it set me on the right track in a big picture kinda way. He talked me through the mumbo jumbo of Angie ideas.
How do I thank him? Should I send cookies? Crumbs ; )?
What do you do for someone who in one hour can help you see that something that you’ve wanted to see for some time? It’s priceless. Do I write a note?

Nope. It took all day for it, but the answer is simple – when someone inspires you, gives you the courage and helps you see the end goal- you go forth to make your goal, so you can show them you followed their advice and thank them in a bigger way!
Back to work.

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