Inspiring Pete Huyck – El Salvador Trip
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Inspiring Pete Huyck – El Salvador Trip

Pete Huyck

Why am I going to El Salvador?

Pete Huyck introduced me to OneKidOneWorld.

Here’s the email Pete sent out to his friends-

So, I’m going to go on a trip to El Salvador in January with a group called One Kid One World. It’s an amazing organization that raises money for schools in impoverished communities in Kenya and El Salvador, in addition to bringing groups of volunteers to schools in these countries to actually get involved, rebuilding schools, digging wells, etc. Most important, they give those of us who might just donate a bit and move on with our lives a chance to meet and connect with the kids we’re helping.

The trip is January 13-17, which is Martin Luther King weekend. I know a lot of people use that weekend to plan for a ski weekend (which was actually a huge passion for MLK), or are stressed about work or other stuff, but I’ve had a number of friends go on trips with One Kid One World to both Kenya and El Salvador and they all return saying it was the best trip they’ve ever been on. Except for those trips to Whistler in Vancouver. Best skiing in North America, not even close. Wish those kids up there needed a school rebuilt.

Seriously, I’m doing this and looking for a few friends to join me. They ask that folks who go on the trip help raise money in the six months after the trip, and I’d be happy to spearhead a fundraiser with those who attend. My friend Josh, who started the group, needs a list of likely attendees asap, so if you could let me know if you want to join me by Friday, that would be great. I’ve included an email he sent me below so you have the basic facts on the trip.

Life is short, make a difference. That’s the One Kid One World slogan, and I’m stealing it.

Join me!


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