El Salvador- Day 1
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El Salvador- Day 1

view of the island

Picked up by Celina Desola,our host who started Glasswing-the organization we are raising money for in El Salvador, we took a mini party bus to Teopan…a private island that is on a lake of the crater of an inactive Volcano.


Stop 1 – coconut water! Real coconut water with chunks of the coconut “meat.” No, Martin, that’s what they call it. Save the penis joke. Character number 1: Martin Starr and his deadpan humor utilized the pene (penis in spanish) on day 1.

Stop 2 – beer in a bag and the most beautiful view of the lake you can imagine! Lauren got us all pumped up for the beer in a bag. Uh, its a pilsner from a can poured into a plastic baggie with a straw thrown in. No joke. Lauren, we love you for the photo opp of us drinking piss. Lauren Meltzner: Character number 2.

Lauren Meltzner
Lauren Meltzner
Martin Starr and Pete Huyck
Martin Starr and Pete Huyck
Charles Goodan
Charles Goodan

Stop 3 – the ferry. We see how people in El Salvador deal with conflict. Our bus was too heavy for the ferry, so 5 El Salvadorians looked at it, moved things around, got rocks and stones and boards to unstick it….45 minutes later…we we were still stuck. You gotta love their hearts for trying.

Stop 4 – Our hosts have an open house right on the lake! No, Martin, not open for pene orgy. The electricity is out on the whole island so you can only imagine the hilarity that ensues by candlelight.

Lake View

Martin Starr

Cort Cass: Character number 3 – His laugh makes me feel at home.  It’s the exact same as one as my NYE Vegas partner in crime – Carlos Lopez. I’m trying my hardest to get a recording of it. The unexpected move by reserved Cort when he ripped off his clothes and joined crazy Josh jumping in the cold lake to swim for footballs was what turned a frigid new group of somewhat strangers into a bubbly bath of friends.

Cort Cass and Angie Banicki
Me and Cort
Martin Starr and Cort Cass
Cort and Martin

Finale- Lauren brings out her famous, “sexy chill drinks.” After a round of these, we were now bubbly and buzzing. What, you said 1 drink? Yeah well this morning I found out each had 3 shots of rum.

Before you go volunteer with kids, you should definitely have sexy chill time. Contact me or Lauren for the secret.

Here’s a video from day one of the amazing view!

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