Foster the People-#10
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Foster the People-#10

Foster the People
Why do I love them?
It’s music that makes you happy (I read somewhere that it’s like Spoon and  MGMT mated to create FTP),  and I love finding something new before everyone else.
Bonus – they have  an amazing name. Foster the People.
Some synonyms of Foster-  promote, forward, cultivate, and encourage
I’d like to think Foster the People means encouraging forward thinking and promoting the positive in individuals, people, the world….
So I decided to cold email their manager from the contact section on their website.  I wrote an email professing my obsession – somewhat stalkerish but from the heart. When their manager wrote back and gave me tickets to the sold out show, I was committed.
So that’s why I decided to drive up to Santa Barbara Tuesday night for their 1st concert of their 1st US Tour…
And here’s what I saw and heard…
Foster The People
Foster The People- Encore
Angie Banicki
Here I am watching the show!
Foster The People- Encore

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