Inspiring #11-Maggie Mae
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Inspiring #11-Maggie Mae

Maggie Haynes & Angie Banicki

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but anything that happens with my friend Maggie always stays in my heart.
Maggie is one of my best friends.
Maggie’s smile lights up a room.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen Maggie not able to flash those sparkly whites.
No matter how sad the situation, Maggie softens it with a smile.
Sometimes I think Mom and Dad Banicki wish their daughter was a daughter like Maggie; heck, even their daughter wishes she was too.
Maggie’s compassion for people is unmatched to anyone I’ve ever met…ever. And that’s a lot of people.
While compassionate, Maggie also knows fun better than anyone.  Maggie has found her match for fun.
Maggie is getting married.
Here is the fun we had at her bachelorette party this weekend.
The photos speak for themselves.
And yes, that is the famous Forget You  Mr. Cee Lo Green….Forget You we won’t, Maggie.

Maggie Haynes, Angie BanickiCee Lo Green & Maggie HaynesMaggie Haynes, Cee Lo Green, Angie BanickiJessica Matthews,Angie Banicki, Kristen HansonJessica Matthews,Angie Banicki, Kristen Hanson

Maggie Haynes
The Maggie Dance

Palmer Emmitt & Maggie HaynesPalmer Emmitt & Maggie Haynes

Kristen Hanson
Kristen makes friends...we get drinks.

Angie Banicki & Sandra KangSandra KangMaggie Haynes
DrakeMaggie HaynesMaggie Haynes


PS: I was inspired to blog my fun Vegas weekend after receiving a message saying @noringonthisthing is now following u on Twitter.


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