About Me

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Who is Angie Banicki?

Angie Banicki is a connector – a connector of brands, a connector of celebrities, a connector of people. With a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Angie left the corporate world to create a life adventure. Angie is capturing the story in her first book 30 Before 30, a celebrity infused memoir-with-a-mission to connect and inspire others to create their own personal destiny.

Angie continues her 30 Before 30 adventures and blogs them on www.angies30before30.com. Simultaneously, Angie serves as an elite connection to Hollywood tastemakers and helps to make big box brands resonate within pop culture as a consultant in strategic marketing. She creates partnerships between the entertainment industry, celebrities, and corporate brands.

A connector from the very beginning, Angie started her career in entertainment at the famed Late Show with David Letterman and then transitioned to an internship at Late Night with Conan O’Brien after meeting Conan at a show taping. Then, through her work with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Angie met some of the most inspirational people in her life – children fighting illness, college students she advised, and the Foundation’s celebrity supporters. Angie then transitioned to Harrison & Shriftman where she was responsible for guiding major corporate accounts including Blackberry, Nintendo, and Cartier.

While writing, blogging and freelancing, Angie connects in other ways. She’s hosted fundraising events for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and chaired foundation galas alongside everyone from Blake Mycoskie to Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba. Angie is always trying to find ways to bring people together for greater and bigger purposes.

What is 30 Before 30?

30 Before 30 is a book about the ultimate journey – a travel guide/personal memoir/inspirational tale. It is the story of how I, Angie Banicki, put my career on the line and took off to Europe for 30 days before my 30th birthday. Me – small- town dorkypants gone Hollywood publicist – gave in to gut instinct and risked all that I had worked so hard to achieve in search of inspiration, rejuvenation, and purpose. After spending years creating high-profile events for even more high- profile clients, I decided to put my ambitious career life on hold and hit the European trail for a solo adventure.

Paulo Coehlo writes that when you find your Personal Legend, the world conspires to help you achieve it. I was about to turn 30 and for the last few years, I seemed to have achieved a professional legend of red carpet walks, high-profile events, and a job that I loved and despised for the same reason – it was my life: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although I had been living my dreams, something was missing. I knew it was time to go from my professional legend to my personal legend, but I also knew that I was going to need the world to help me achieve it. Thankfully, I had a pretty impressive world to reach out to.

I started by creating a list of the most inspiring and influential people in my life and then gathered their favorite moments, their own personal legends, to construct my journey around Europe. What started as 30 moments over 30 days from those that I chose became hundreds of moments from those that chose me. I went to Europe with the most precious memories of others. Each inspirational moment was a short-cut connection to something magical and special – something that would make me feel connected in a foreign land.

In my 30 years I’d created quite the list of personal heroes, many I felt lucky to call friends. From movie stars to athletes to business execs to friends and family, this cast of characters helped me draw the roadmap for my adventure.